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Live from the stage

Live from the stage


Hi, I'm Vicki Thompson. Part time Rock Star, Full time Games Designer.

My double life began in 2009 after I quit art college, left a bad relationship and joined a metal band and a Games Company within a few months of each other.

In the years to follow, I found both a love of the games industry and the UK metal scene, and with several successful game titles already under my belt I left my internship at Mediatonic to study Multimedia Design and Technology BSc at Brunel University in 2010, returning to Mediatonic each summer and Christmas break to work on Playstation Minis titles, and eventually Foul Play (XBLA) in 2013.

I also recorded an album and 4 EPs during this time, toured the UK and became known as 'Morath', my black metal keyboardist alter-ego.

After graduating Brunel with 1st Class Honours, I went to work for Angel London, a creative digital agency, as their sole Games Designer and Developer. I worked on a number of HTML5 games for Nickelodeon Kids there, and after this went freelance, being contracted by Random Layers to work on Upwards, Lonely Robot amongst other small projects.

Returning to Mediatonic a year later, I worked on Heavenstrike Rivals for iOS and Android with Square Enix, working as part of the Live Ops team to create new content and quests each week. I hosted dev streams on Twitch where I played the game against our playerbase, and talked through some of my design thinking for new content. I later worked on Bounty Stars and a number of ongoing prototypes.

By this time, I've recorded another two albums, one having been released by German label Schwarzdorn Production in 2017, with the next on the road to release with my main musical project, Formicarius.

Back in games world, I’m currently working on Gears Pop!, a collaboration between Microsoft’s The Coalition, Mediatonic and Funko Pop. I’ve hosted two Interactive Fiction game-jam style events at work, spoken at universities, and continue to be inspired to Create. More. Stuff! Ready for another year of video games and music.




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